Workflow/Taskflow Management Software

Assign tasks and let team members check them off, all in one central location.

Users can access two types of tracking from the Workflow Management setup screen: “Basic Task Tracking” and “Advanced Workflow Setup.” Below is more information about each option.

Basic Task Tracking

The Basic Task Tracking option is ideal for small, local firms which only need to track simple, one-step tasks. The feature allows users to:

  • Track whether client information was received; the task’s inception; and the task’s completion
  • Manage main tasks via the Calendar, Notification Screen, or Main Deadline Management screen
  • Assign individual staff members and client partners to a main task
  • Schedule recurring main tasks to be set up automatically

Detail Tracking

If your firm requires more intricate tracking of smaller sub-tasks, you can create and manage them by choosing the “Advanced Workflow Setup” option. This feature is only available to those who purchase our Workflow Management Software. Our detail tracking feature allows users to:

  • Create smaller detail steps (sub-tasks) within main tasks
  • Assign sub-tasks to individual staff members
  • Assign each sub-task a start date; in-process date; completion date; and time budget
  • Characterize each sub-task as hierarchical or independent  

The Workflow Management Software module can be integrated with our Time and Billing Module so that administrators can compare time budgets to actual hours spent. 

Workflow Module

The optional workflow module gives you the added ability to track specific work assignments necessary to complete a main task. You can create generic steps for all tasks; or customize different subtasks for groups of main tasks.

Interactive Due Date Tracker

The Manage Deadlines screen makes it easy to add new tasks, update tasks, and assign them to staff members. Task and tax return data can be viewed by type, due date, or other filtering options, and then checked off as a group. Users can set up as many generic tasks or federal and state due date items as needed.