Time and Billing Software: key to profitable invoicing is the accurate and timely recording of time by staff!

Time slips can be entered, summarized, and ready to bill in one easy step with ImagineTime time and billing software!

  • The moment a time slip is saved it becomes available for billing as well as accessible on Daily Weekly Time & Expense reports (see examples below). Therefore supervisors can review in real time the productivity of their staff. Permission settings safeguard the editing and deletion of time slips.
  • Security settings allow each staff person to be accountable for entering their own time slips. Staff can be blocked from seeing confidential client and staff information, as well as, seeing their own billing rate. Use of repeat keys on the time entry screen speeds up time slip creating.
  • Auto-entry of default billing rates and work codes increases accuracy of time slips. User defined permissions allows staff to indicate amount to bill on a time slip which creates a shortcut to override billing at the standard rate. Rate Templates can be used to quickly and uniformly enforce specific rates based on staff levels when work is done for that client, group of clients or for a particular work code.
  • The Timer Utility allows staff to time multiple activities as they occur. Stop and start timers at your convenience.
  • The ImagineTime Anywhere mobile application allows you to enter your time 'on the go' using any iOS or Android device.
  • You can summarize and report your time by work code, engagement and task. Print reports that compare budget to actual hours.

Easy to use data entry screen and concise reports that summarize total hours improve your firms overall productivity!

Displayed below are screen shots of the after-the-fact time entry screen, timer screen, along with detailed time and expense reports. The sample reports show the time slips entered for several days for one staff person. There is an extensive variety of formatting and field options that can be used when printing these reports, including different sort orders, showing the start / end times, and the associated engagement or task.


You can quickly see the total hours by day for all staff over a user-selected period of time and in an easy-to-read grid. Another report displays dollar production totals at standard rates in the same easy-to-read grid display.

Daily Totals ChargeableTimeSlip Dollars Report
Daily Totals Non-Chargeable TimeSlip Hourly Total Report
Daily Totals Chargeable TimeSlip Hourly Total Report
Firm Profitability Report

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