Work in Progress Reports + a Powerful Billing Dashboard = Effective Time & Billing Software!

Take the following steps to facilitate efficient billing:

  • Print an easy to read and concise pre-billing work in progress summary report.
  • Determine clients to be invoiced and print out detail work in progress report for those clients.
  • Log into the easy to use graphical interfaced Billing Dashboard. All the important information necessary for billing, i.e. time slip drill down, billing templates, etc. is accessed here.
  • Select from a wide variety of invoice formats. Templates, saved explanations, built-in invoice memory, and auto-biller let you quickly create customized or recurring invoices. View the Value Billing instructional video for a quick walk through of our billing system.
  • Email and print invoices directly from the Billing Dashboard. Plus, maximize revenue by providing a link for clients to pay their invoices on-line through
  • Wrap up your billing by posting your invoices. Post a single invoice or in batches, whichever you prefer. Post as often as you want. No monthly batching required. Post your invoices to update your account receivable and removed time from work in progress.

Pre-Billing Reports, Summary Report

The report shown below summarizes outstanding work in progress (unbilled time and expenses) by client in a convenient aged format. The Wip Allowance represents any progress bills that have been sent out against uncleared time.

Time and Billing Work in Progress Summary

Pre-Billing Report - Detail Report

This comprehensive pre-billing detail report shows unbilled time sorted in a variety of formats. Also shown is the billing history, year-to-date realization information, and total account balance information. The report footer shows any unbilled expenses and an aging of the work in progress. A variation of this report - work in progress history - shows detailed information about billed slips and adjustments.

Time and Billing Software Detailed Work in Progress Report

Billing Dashboard

The multi-purpose, comprehensive dashboard can be accessed by multiple billing partners at the same time improving small to medium office billing efficiency. Keeping track of your time helps to verify that you are billing correctly. It creates a correlation between the cost of the service provided in relation to the fee charged. For those not familiar with the process of value billing, click here to view the preparation of a sample invoice.

All the necessary information to prepare, print and post invoices at your fingertips!

Time and Billing Software Flexible Invoicing Example

Click here to see examples of the invoice formats available.

Email and Post Invoices

Invoices are posted after they have been previewed and/or printed from the Billing Dashboard. Invoices can be emailed from the posting screen. Auto-payments can also be entered from the posting screen.

Time and Billing Software Email Invoices

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