Let your staff members easily record time and expenses, without viewing private data.  

Prompt, accurate time entry is the key to running a profitable firm. ImagineTime makes it easy with our convenient time entry software. Staff members can use ImagineTime to record multiple activities at once; summarize and report their time; and view and send invoices. Administrators can control individual staff access, view budget reports, and create automatic default rate templates that ensure billing accuracy.

Time activities accurately with the Timer Utility  

The Timer Utility allows staff members to time multiple activities as they occur. Users can stop and start timers at their convenience. The data entry screen allows staff members to summarize and report time by work code, engagement, and task.

Enter and bill time in one easy step

As soon as a time slip is entered and saved, it is immediately available for billing, and can be viewed on expense reports.

Control what staff members can access.

Security settings allow each staff member to be accountable for entering his or her own time slips. Staff members can be blocked from viewing confidential client and staff information, as well as their own billing rates.

Set automatic default rate templates

Administrators can create default rate templates with varying settings for certain users, clients, client groups, and work codes. This enforces your firm’s billing policies, speeds up the billing process, and ensures accuracy.  

Assess your firm’s productivity

ImagineTime allows administrators to view and print reports which compare budgeted hours to actual hours entered. This allows you to identify inefficiencies and improve your firm’s overall productivity. The easy-to-read grid displays total hours by day for all staff members over a select period to time, as well as dollar production totals at standard rates.

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