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Let our practice management time and billing software give your firm the boost it needs to achieve greater levels of profitability!

The three reports shown below are just a few examples of what integrated time & billing software can do.

The first report has two main sections: invoiced time and produced time.

Invoiced time is time that is associated with invoices that were created within ImagineTime from October 1st through December 31st. Needless to say, some invoices may have included time from March and prior.

Production based time, on the other hand, is the time that was recorded by your staff in ImagineTime from October 1st through December 31st. Two very useful comparisons side-by-side! Another report similar in format to the example below shows the time and realization adjustments that were recorded on invoices that were paid during any user selected period.

Practice management is the name of the game: our powerful practice management tools let you pay staff bonuses based on actual paid production!

Time and Billing Software Invoiced Realization Report

Our time management software has the right answers when it comes analyzing key information.

The following example is a client snapshot report that shows key information concerning balances, production activity, realization time slip adjustments, invoices, collections, and bad debt all in one place sorted by your largest to smallest client. This report can also be sorted by realization rate to show which clients are the most profitable. Also, our practice management reports can be filtered by a wide variety of criteria including billing partner, client group, or client type.

A great tool for partner meetings and client evaluation. Show me the money!!

Time and Billing Software Client Realization Report

Our practice management software gives you the information you need to properly evaluate monthly and yearly staff performance against firm benchmarks! The following report shows staff utilization, realization, and hours by month as compared to firm standards. Employee profitability and cost are also shown. In addition to our many popular and acclaimed pre-designed reports, ImagineTime also comes with a comprehensive report generator - write your own reports!

Time and Billing Staff Management Report

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