Time and Billing Software for CPAs, Accountants and Other Professionals.

Time and billing software for CPAs and Accountants as well as other professionals should maximize your billable time by streamlining initial setup of client information and simplifying the entry and invoicing of time slips. For help in making this important decision, click here to read our blog article "Time and Billing - is it time for a change?" A short video tour of ImagineTime's time and billing module is available at the following location.

Important features included in ImagineTime are listed below:

  • Easy to learn and use time entry screens. You can enter time after-the-fact, or in "real time" by using slip timers. Time and expense data is immediately available for invoicing. Security settings allow each staff person to be accountable for entering their own timeslips. Time can also be entered remotely from Android and iPhone/iPad devices using our ITAnywhere mobile download.

  • Staff can be blocked from changing previously entered slips or from seeing confidential client and staff information, including their own billing rates. You can also record your time entries directly from our integrated appointment calendar, saving needless re-typing of explanations and start/end times.

  • Save time and effort with convenient and comprehensive pre-billing reports. The pre-billing report summarizes all the key information you need in one convenient location. The Billing Dashboard is designed as a "one-stop-shopping" tool. You can generate bills, view, edit or delete invoices, add addresses, change billing options, or write-off slips. Just about anything that the program can do can be accessed from the ImagineTime Dashboard. Invoices can also be e-mailed directly from ImagineTime in PDF or LEDES format for Legal Billing.

  • Prepare flexible invoice retainer and fixed fee bills using our template features. Comprehensive bills can be created with the click-of-a-button using pre-established templates that save you extra steps the next time you prepare your invoices. Invoices do not have to include or display time entries, conducive for value billing. Alternatively, you can display time entries in detail on your invoice with a wide variety of formating options. No monthly closings are required!

  • ImagineTime's QuickBooks Integration tool speeds up data entry of client contact information as well as importing client transaction history and un-billed time slips. Transactions created from within ImagineTime can also be exported out to Quickbooks.

  • Client Relationship Manager (CRM) is built into the Time and Billing Module. Robust filtering tools allow creation of labels, envelopes, lists, customer letters and bulk emails targeted to a specific client or group of clients.

  • If you create invoices and payments in Lacerte, UltraTax, ProSeries, Drake and ATX tax programs, our tax software integration will easily import these transactions and clear the timeslips associated with the tax return preparation. Time analysis reports will show when you need to increase your fees for the upcoming tax season!

  • Print Performance and Realization reports by staff, client, and service that show which areas are most profitable for your firm. All reports can be run as of any date, allowing you to continue to process current time while avoiding arbitrary closing limitations. A report index gives quick access to all ImagineTime reports by function. See our blog article "Effective Practice Management Reporting Minimizes Write-Offs and Write-Downs."

  • Maximize collections and increase revenue with Credit Card Processing options. Integration with GoToBilling.com allows you to process ACH/credit card transactions from within ImagineTime and to email invoices with a click-to-pay link. Automatic payment options improve cash flow. Take a video tour of the ImagineTime GoToBilling Integration.

ImagineTime is proud to announce a 5-star rating from CPA Practice Advisor. This is the third consecutive year that ImagineTime has received 5-stars. Mary Girsch-Bock reviewed ImagineTime in 2015 and 2016 while Isaac O'Bannon reviewed ImagineTime in 2014. See the reviews here.

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