Make Every Second Count with Our Time and Billing Software for Accountants and CPAs

For those who bill by the hour, time literally is money. If you’re not keeping track of your employees’ time, you aren’t keeping track of your profits. ImagineTime’s time & billing software allows accountants to track their time efficiently and accurately. With features that allow accountants to generate invoices, stay on top of time allocation, and push out status updates to clients, ImagineTime eliminates the frustrations that often accompany time tracking for accountants.

Our accounting clients can say goodbye to spreadsheets, sticky notes, and the backs of receipts—just start a timer on your phone, tablet, or desktop, and get an accurate time log that can be instantly converted into an online invoice.

Focus On Your Work, Not On the Clock

Whether you’re at your desk or out and about, time entry has never been so simple. Use our time and billing software for accountants and CPAs to simultaneously run timers, record multiple time entries in one screen, and automatically convert appointments into time entries. Learn more about our Time Entry software here.

Keep Your Whole Team On Track

ImagineTime’s easy-to-read reporting feature lets you view a comprehensive breakdown of your hours so you know at a glance exactly how long projects and tasks take. Administrators can view what the rest of the team is working on, too, and spot any potential bottlenecks before they become big issues. Learn more about our Performance Reporting Software here.

Instantly Convert Time Entries Into Invoices 

Our CPAs time and billing software lets you review daily and weekly time summaries for all staff members, remote teams, contractors, and consultants, so you always know your firm’s output and financial status. And once the work’s done, you can easily generate a professional, branded invoice with just a click. Learn more about our Billing Software here.

Attorneys: Access Our Legal Time and Billing Software

ImagineTime’s legal billing software for lawyers helps attorneys bill more accurately and get paid faster. Accurately record client appointments, quickly convert appointments into branded invoices, allow clients to submit online payments, and even check for conflicts of interests, all with one simple time and billing solution.

Additional Ways ImagineTime Keeps Your Firm Running:

  • QuickBooks Integration Tool: ImagineTime integrates with QuickBooks to Import client information and client data into ImagineTime, or exports ImagineTime data to Quickbooks.
  • Client Relationship Manager (CRM): Allows users to create custom labels, envelopes, letters, lists, and filtered emails.
  • Credit Card Processing: Allows your firm to securely process ACH/credit card transactions with an easy click-to-pay link.
  • Tax Software Integration: Allows users to import invoices and payments from Lacerte, UltraTax, ProSeries, Drake, and ATX tax programs.
  • Mobile Time Entry App: Allows your employee times to be tracked on the go by you or them.

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Time & Billing FAQ

Yes, with our Time and Billing System for accounting, any number of pre-formatted billing explanations can be saved and quickly recalled for use on the current bill.
Yes, these can be utilized in both Detail Slip Bills and the Super Bill.
Yes, both invoiced and production-based realization reports can be run by client, staff and work code for any date range.
The Super Bill allows for a bill template customizable by client to be quickly generated for all assigned clients. Just a few mouse clicks and the batch of bills are ready to print and/or email.
If a credit card is required, your client can pay by clicking a link in the email that the PDF of their bill is attached to. Those payments are then imported into ImagineTime and automatically applied to the correct client. There is also quick credit card payment processing directly on the payment entry screen within ImagineTime, with a payment receipt emailed to the client.
If you are interested in where pricing starts for our Time and Billing Software for CPAs, please head over to our pricing page to learn more!

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