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The founders of ImagineTime created the Task Tracker software while actively practicing as CPAs. They understood then as they understand now the critical importance of meeting task deadlines. Effective task management software must inform you when client information is received, the status of work, and how and when the finished product is delivered to the client.

The software should also allow you to easily monitor and assign tasks, create client notes and view a history of the notes when necessary to help you more effectively manage your relationship with the client.

The snapshot of the manage/edit deadlines screen below shows how this information is entered, edited and filtered within Finish-Line. If you assign tasks to staff, an encapsulated view of this screen is also available within the calendar task bar of each staff person’s calendar. This feature enables the firm to limit staff access to assigned tasks only. A quick setup screen is also available that allows you to assign groups of tasks to similar clients in a single click!

The detail tracking tab on the bottom left is available when you purchase the optional workflow management software module. The basic task tracker module tracks when client information was received along with customizable status tracking dates that apply to main tasks. While not as robust as the the detail tracking that comes with the workflow module, it satisfies many of the basic needs of the smaller local firm or firms that simply need to track main task inception and completion.

Due Date Management Screen

Client and Staff Notes

The client and staff notes screen below illustrates how you can effectively track the client relationship for each tax return or task activity. Note histories for the prior year can be reviewed when beginning next year's work. This often helps to improve efficiency in the following year.

You may also copy other staff on the note and attach documents to the note message. If you have our calendar system and send notes to other staff, a prompt will let them know they have a message waiting. At your option, you can set a note to display a reminder message on or after a certain date to inform you that a matter is coming due. A variety of print options are available that allow you to print reports for selected date ranges, staff or note types.

ImagineTime Notes for Accountants and CPAs

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