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ImagineTime Work-flow and Due Date Monitoring

The setup screen shown below is the starting point for both basic task tracking and advanced workflow setup. When setup is completed, main tasks can be selected and edited using the scheduling calendar, notifications screen or the main deadline management screen shown below. Recurring main tasks can be automatically setup along quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily time frames.

Our base due date tracking module allows staff and managers to be individually be assigned to the main task in addition to the partner assigned at the client level. If the optional workflow management module is purchased detail steps (within each main task) can also be assigned to staff. Each sub-task can be assigned a start date, in-process date, completion date and time budget. Sub-tasks can be characterized as hierarchical (one steps is completed prior to the next) or independent (concurrent workflow).

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If you include our time and billing module the software for tracking employee time also records time spent on main tasks and print reports comparing budget to actual hours. Tasks can also be associated with a work code or engagement to expedite time entry and improve control of the budgeting process.

The screen shot below shows how main tasks or tax forms with due dates are created in our task management software. You can set up as many generic task, federal and state due date items as you like. Canadian customers can also use our due date monitor to manage tax deadlines. For more information and an example of the alerts and notifications screen - see the example in the task tracker reporting section of our website.

Setup Recurring Tasks and Tax Forms

Due Date Master Task/Form Setup

Set up of Sub-Task Components to Track Workflow (optional module)

With the ImagineTime task management system you can implement simple deadline management reports to list items that are complete or not complete. However, you can also greatly expand your firm's efficiency by including the optional workflow module. Workflow gives you the added ability to track the specific work assignments necessary to complete a main task - see the example for an audit shown below. You can create generic steps for all tasks or customize different subtasks for different groups of main tasks.

The second illustration that follows shows the implementation of a main task with sub-tasks on the manage deadlines screen. On this screen, master tasks and workflow elements can be added, edited and completed for specific clients and projects. Click on this link to view a sample workflow report.

Due Date Subtask Setup

Due Date Tracker with interactive screen tools

Adding new tasks, updating tasks and assigning them to staff is expedited using the manage deadlines screen shown below. Task and tax return items and their due dates can be viewed by type of tax form, or task and then checked off as a group improving efficiency in your office. The example below shows all the tasks for a specific firm and highlights the details of an audit task. The filter options at the top left of the screen let you limit your view. Click here for an example of the filtering options.

ImagineTime Due Date Management Screen

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