QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks desktop users can easily integrate with ImagineTime and save time posting deposits and monthly journal entries.

With QuickBooks import utility you can import all your customer names, address, unbilled time slips and account receivable transaction information directly from QuickBooks. When integrated, ImagineTime and QuickBooks become a powerful combination that rivals any other professional billing software. The import utility is a one-time fee of $175.

Once you have imported your data, you will use ImagineTime to create your invoices and export essential daily operating information to QuickBooks. Creating your invoices in ImagineTime allows you to capture the difference between the amount you bill and the time that you record. These "realization adjustments" can be summarized and reported by client and staff. Invoice presentation in ImagineTime is geared to the professional firm.

There are two methods available for QuickBooks integration: Easy A/R integration (Basic integration) or Duplicate Subsidiary Ledgers (Advanced) which allows for synchronized subsidiary ledgers.

Basic Integration is included with the purchase of the time and billing module. Easy A/R Integration includes the ability to export deposits and journal entries to QuickBooks. You will still be able to generate your deposit slip in QuickBooks.

The Duplicate Subsidiary Ledger (Advanced) gives you the option of posting your ImagineTime invoices directly to QuickBooks - in real time. Duplicate subsidiary ledgers are accomplished by associating ImagineTime work codes with QuickBooks revenue items. Payments are sent to QuickBooks as un-deposited funds allowing you, at your option, to process credit card transactions in QuickBooks. The advanced integration includes the import utility and is a one-time fee of $300.

Export Deposits to QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Export Deposits for Accountants and CPAs

Journal Entry for those using the Basic integration:

QuickBooks Journal Entry for Accountants and CPAs

Export Invoices to Quickbooks for those using Advanced integration:

QuickBooks Advanced Inegration Export Invoices for Accountants and CPAs

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