Currently use Quickbooks? There’s no need to start over from scratch.

ImagineTime is able to quickly and easily pull all data from Quickbooks and other popular tax softwares. Once all necessary information has been imported, you can use ImagineTime to create your invoices, and then export daily operating information to QuickBooks. Once integrated, ImagineTime and QuickBooks become a powerful combination that helps your firm stay on task and on budget.

We offer two methods for integrating QuickBooks: Basic Integration, and Advanced Integration.

Basic Integration 

Basic Integration is included with the time and billing feature, and allows users to import the following:

  • Customer names
  • Customer addresses
  • Unbilled time slips
  • Accounts receivable data

The easy A/R integration also allows you to export deposits and journal entries to QuickBooks. You will still be able to generate your deposit slips in QuickBooks. 

Advanced Integration

The Advanced Integration tool imports all the data listed above, and also allows you to post your ImagineTime invoices directly to QuickBooks. You can create duplicate subsidiary ledgers by associating ImagineTime work codes with QuickBooks revenue items. Payments will be sent to QuickBooks as un-deposited funds, allowing you to process credit card transactions in QuickBooks. 

After Importing QuickBooks

When you create your invoices in ImagineTime, you can compare the amount you bill against the time you have recorded to ensure your firm is maximizing its profits. You can further maximize profitability with our employee performance reporting and client reporting features.