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Work with the Leading Time & Billing Software for CPAs

ImagineTime’s time and billing software was designed by accountants, for accountants, to address the specific challenges faced by today’s CPAs. Our company founders aren’t just software developers; they are accounting professionals with over 20 years of industry experience. We are excited to provide accountants and CPAs with a time & billing management solution designed to address the unique needs that we ourselves have faced. Read on to learn how ImagineTime can help you with easy online invoicing, time tracking, due date management, secure data protection, and more.

Say Goodbye to Missed Deadlines with Due Date Management Software

ImagineTime’s calendar scheduling feature helps make last-minute scrambles and late fees a thing of the past. Our due date monitoring software is already preset with most federal tax tracking due dates, and will send automatic notifications to employees and clients when tasks are coming due. Easily track weekly, quarterly, monthly, annual, and bi-annual deadlines, as well as one-time events. Assign tasks and appointments to individual staff members, or to your entire team.

Integrate Seamlessly with the Tools You Already Use

ImagineTime integrates seamlessly with popular tax softwares such as QuickBooks, UltraTax, Lacerte, ATX, ProSeries, Drake, and more. Our “Secure Send” email plugin allows your clients to send emails through Microsoft Outlook just as they normally do, with added bank-level security. Neither you nor your clients need to undergo the hassle of a long, complex data migration. Instead, complement and extend your investment in other solutions, and save time by cutting down on duplicate data entry.

5-Star Practice Management Software for CPAs

It’s no easy feat a practice management software for accountants is selected to be reviewed, but also earns a 5-star review from one an industry leading partner, CPA Practice Advisor. ImagineTime is more than proud to announce consecutive years of stellar reviews and accolades of our practice management software helping thousands of CPA firms and accountants earn more money, become more efficient, and improve their workflow management process.

Protect Your Firm with an Encrypted Client Portal

ImagineTime’s secure client portal for accountants keeps a detailed, real-time record of all client communications on a secure, encrypted server. 256-bit SSL bank-level encryption and Cloud storage ensures that all personal client data is safe from cyber criminals, disgruntled employees, and natural disasters. Whether you need to access client records months or years from now, everything will be safely preserved and easily accessible.

Capture Lost Revenue with Time & Billing Tracking Software

Time is money, which means every working second that isn’t accounted for is a penny that could and should be in your firm’s bank account. ImagineTime’s CPAs time & billing tracking software helps you stay on top of all your time expenditures, so you and your employees can be fairly compensated for every minute you spend resolving client issues.f your choosing.

Improve Efficiency with Reporting & Analytics

ImagineTime’s CPA time & billing management software also lets you access staff performance reports, client reports, and firm analytics reports, so your firm’s decision makers can assess how well you’re doing and what challenges you need to overcome. Our comprehensive automated reporting software gives you deep insight on every aspect of your firm, and allows you to make decisions based on comprehensive financial and operational data. Our custom report generator makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop.

Keep Invoicing Easy with Time and Billing Software

If you’re still relying on phone calls and written checks to get paid, you’re not taking advantage of the time & billing software options available to CPAs in this day and age. ImagineTime allows you to invoice clients anytime, anywhere, from either a desktop or mobile app. Choose from a variety of detailed invoice types, including percent complete, retainer, recurring, fixed, hourly, phased, and more. All invoices are branded with your name, not ours, and distributed automatically at a frequency of your choosing.