LICENSED USERS - PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS! The functionality of the runtimes is essentially the same. The 2013/2016 versions do not work with Windows XP. Users installing the FULL version (instead of upgrading) of ImagineTime with the Office 2016 Standard desktop version should select the MS Access 2016 Runtime option. Users with Office 2016/365 standard should select the MS Access 2013 Runtime option. Users with Office 2016 Professional or Office 365 with MS Access 2016 should select the Office 2016 Professional/Office 365 version.

When  UPGRADING, you MUST select the same Runtime version as the current version on the workstation. The Runtime can be checked by clicking the ImagineTime logo on the ImagineTime login screen - see the screen image at right.

Please be advised that except for the specific instructions governing Office 2016, it is usually not necessary to match the ImagineTime Access Runtime version with the version of Microsoft Office on your workstation. However, if you are using our Calendar Module, it is recommended practice to select the runtime version that is consistent with your version of Microsoft Outlook.

ImagineTime 2010, 2013 and 2016 installs must be (right-clicked) and run as an ADMINISTRATOR!

Access Runtime Version
Select [FULL VERSION] for complete installation,
or [UPGRADE] to update an existing version: