Keep your practice running smoothly with our legal billing software for attorneys. 

ImagineTime’s legal billing software helps attorneys bill more accurately and get paid more quickly. Track your time, send invoices, schedule appointments, and even check for conflicts of interests–all with one convenient system. Learn more about our legal billing software features below.

Time Tracking

ImagineTime automatically tracks the time you spend on each client or task, so you can bill more accurately. You can pause and resume the timer as needed. Once you’ve finished timing an appointment, you can quickly and easily enter time for yourself or other staff members.

Fast, Easy Scheduling

Our convenient calendar feature allows you to view all appointments for your entire practice in a single window. You can create, view, and move appointments for individual staff members, or the entire staff. The calendar is also able to easily convert appointments into time slips. 

Flexible Invoicing

Save money and time by emailing invoices and statements to your clients directly through ImagineTime. Clients can pay invoices quickly via our online credit card processing service

Conflict of Interest Checking 

ImagineTime can search its contacts database to determine if a particular contact appears under any other client, helping you to avoid conflicts of interest with minimal hassle. 

ImagineTime Further Supports Your Law Practice With: 

  • APA-Approved Work Codes
  • LEDES fields
  • Customizeable Fixed-Fee Retainer Bills

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