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ImagineTime has proven itself time and again to be effective billing software for attorneys, as well as accountants and consultants. Call us today for a one-on-one walk-through of our comprehensive time and billing package, and see how our program can be customized to suit your needs.

Let us briefly highlight just 4 of the many features that can help any legal firm become more profitable and more efficient.

Recording of Time

Our software provides multiple ways for you to record your time.

  • Use timers to automatically track the time you're spending on a client or task. You can pause and resume timers at will
  • Or quickly and easily enter time after-the-fact, for yourself or for everyone in the firm
  • Or effortlessly convert your appointments into time slips using the built-in calendar with full Outlook integration

Invoicing of Clients

Flexibility is the key to effective invoicing.

  • Save money and time by emailing invoices and statements to clients
  • Provide online click-n-pay services that make it easy for your clients to pay you
  • Select from a wide variety of billing options to meet each client's specific needs and preferences
Time and Billing for Lawyers sample invoice

Conflict Checking

ImagineTime will search our contacts database to determine if a particular contact appears under any other client in an effort to assist you in avoiding conflicts of interest.

Ease Of Scheduling

View your entire office's public appointments in a single window with the optional Calendar module.

  • Integrate your Outlook calendar with your time and billing software
  • Allow an office administrator to schedule appointments for everyone
  • Automatically translate those appointments into time slips - no more double entering of data
Time and Billing Legal Calendar


ABA approved Work Codes are built-in, and LEDES fields are also included for emailing invoices! Customizable Fixed-fee Retainer Bills are supported, and much, much more.

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