Get Easy, Flexible Invoicing with Our Time and Billing Software

It’s time to ditch your filing cabinet, Excel spreadsheets, and crumpled receipts. With ImagineTime’s accountant time & billing software, you can create professional-looking invoices, automate billing and payment reminders, and put your clients in control of their payments. Our time & billing monitoring software was created by CPAs, for CPAs, and designed to tackle the unique challenges only accountants face. Keep scrolling to learn how ImagineTime helps your firm run faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Get Paid Automatically

ImagineTime lets you store your customers’ credit card details to a secure, 256-bit encrypted server, the same level of encryption trusted by banks and governments. Charge clients on a monthly, weekly, or yearly basis, without fear that the data will be compromised.

Let Your Clients Own Their Invoicing

ImagineTime’s client portal feature lets clients view their invoices, payment histories, trust balances, and current projects, and pay in increments or full amounts. As a result, your clients feel more in-control, and your employees spend less time sending out due date reminders and thank-you messages.

Create Custom Invoices for Any Billing Scenario

ImagineTime allows you to create multiple billing templates for a wide variety of billing situations. Choose from a variety of detailed invoice types, including retainer, recurring, fixed, hourly, phased, and more. Whether you have to split invoices among multiple clients, or customize percentages, you’ll always invoice with confidence.

Put Your Billing System on Autopilot

With ImagineTime time & billing for CPAs, you can send automatic payment reminders, automatically thank clients with personalized messages, and automatically process your clients’ payments. Automate as much or as little of your firm as you’d like, so you can focus your time on what matters most. Your clients can automate their payments so they don’t have to worry about keeping up with them, and you get paid more quickly.

Design Professional, Branded Invoices

ImagineTime allows you to create customized professional invoices in seconds. You can customize the look and feel of your invoices to match your business’ brand, including the layout, font, color, imagery and signatures.

ImagineTime’s Powerful Invoicing Features

  • Add invoice due dates
  • Customize invoice payment terms
  • Easily offer payment discounts
  • Easily add late fees or incentives
  • Automatically calculate taxes
  • Preview invoices before sending them
  • Choose your preferred currency
  • Receive instant updates when invoices are viewed and paid
  • Invoice from anywhere with our mobile app

Bill the way you want to with our wide range of invoice formatting options.

ImagineTime’s time and billing software allows you to create invoices in a wide variety of formats, including Detail Bills, Narrative Bills, Superbills, Fixed Fee Bills, and Year End Bills. Click the arrows to view the examples below. (Click on an image to enlarge it.) 

Samples of ImagineTime Invoices