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There are a lot of file sharing solutions out there, so why do so many accountants and CPA firms choose ImagineShare?

We have always catered directly to accounting firms and that hasn’t changed with ImagineShare.  Since we only serve this niche market, we are able to build in specific features that vertical-agnostic solutions cannot.

ImagineShare vs.

Our Philosophy

Other companies will tell you that their client portal is the best and your clients will love it, but they all run into the same problem; clients don’t use client portals. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated or capable a client portal is if your clients can’t remember their password. ImagineShare offers a client portal to cater to your clients who are tech-savvy enough to use it, but our entire offering doesn’t depend on clients being tech-savvy. ImagineShare gives you the ability to walk the line between ease of use and true security with a delivery method that your clients won’t need to be trained on. Our e-signature is just as easy to use and we give you full control over what you want to send out.

What You Need to Know

File Sharing Facts

– If you’re sending out tax documents through email without security, you’re breaking the law.

– Password protected PDFs are inconvenient and not up to modern security standards.

– Most clients hate client portals.

– Firms spend way too much money on the portal their tax software offered them and have very few clients that actively use it.

– When clients send you files through email unsecured, or text you pictures of files, all of those attachments can cause their identities to be stolen.

E-Signature Facts

– Your tax software is charging you too much for e-signature.


– We allow you to send e-signature documents directly from your regular email, so it won’t be coming from a random e-signature provider that your clients will be unsure of. You won’t have to tell them to look into their junk/spam folder if you’re using ImagineShare.


– Your tax software will limit you to only a few types of forms that you can send for e-signature. We allow you to send whatever you need to.

How ImagineShare Measures Up

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* Sharefile falls short when it comes to security. ImagineShare provides actual security while still maintaining the ease of use for your clients.

* Sharefile’s latency is becoming more and more of a problem. Loading screens that take 20 seconds or more to actually display the files sent. ImagineShare is instant.

* The Rightsignature integration leaves a lot to be desired. You are not able to send files out of the Outlook or Gmail plugin; you have to go to a separate website to send files out. This is extremely inefficient and also causes all signature documents to come from a different email address. If you’re wondering why your clients are finding signature documents in their junk folder, that’s why.

* ImagineShare support is in North Carolina, provided by employees that have been with the company for over 10 years. Sharefile support was outsourced to Costa Rica in 2018. If you have issues during tax season, your Sharefile support rep will be reading off of a script.

* ImagineShare was built by accountants for accountants. We specialize all of our features for this vertical. Sharefile sells to everyone and builds in features for everyone. You’re paying way too much money for features you will never use. ImagineShare provides the features you need at a price that is cost effective for your business.

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Purpose-built for accountants. Nothing you don't need, everything you do. Secure and Simple.

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Published December 22, 2020