Reward your most high-performing team members, and see who could use a helping hand.

ImagineTime’s comprehensive employee reports provide you with everything you need to assess, analyze, and improve your team’s performance. When it’s time to give employee evaluations, award bonuses, or make tough calls, you’ll have all the information you need to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Know where you stand

ImagineTime helps you easily visualize your team’s workload, so you can stay ahead of bottlenecks and project stalls. Be the first to know when someone needs a helping hand, and address it before the project’s timeliness is put at risk.

Recognize top performers  

Managers are only human, and it can be all too easy to inadvertently reward likeability over performance. ImagineTime lets you assess employee profitability so you can always reward your best assets. 

Terminate fairly  

No one wants to let a team member go, but unfortunately, it’s sometimes an unavoidable part of doing business. Our employee reporting software can help you make a fair, objective decision based purely on tangible metrics and data. This enables you to defend your decision to other management, and helps you protect yourself legally. 

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