Task Tracker and Workflow Management - Concepts and Reports

ImagineTime Due Date Monitoring

Our task tracker software manages the flow of important tax and other firm deadlines. The workflow management component allows you assign and schedule sub-tasks or task components within each main task to individual staff. The powerful notifications screen shown below assists staff with the management of their assignments and includes an email notification option to ensure that staff are aware of their responsibilities. Avoid last minute crisis, encourage efficiency and accountability!

Our software is easy-to-use and includes scheduling for any kind of tax form or firm task whether it be a one time event or a recurring annual, weekly or monthly task. To save time, last years tracking events can be rolled forward to the next year or next month with the click of a button. In addition, our software operates as a stand alone module or as an integrated and powerful tool within our time and billing software - you need only setup the client once!

Work Assignment Alerts and Notifications

The workflow management software includes the ability to distribute alerts and notifications to staff concerning past due and upcoming work assignments. The screen below displays the alerts and notifications for staff member "FOL" in four convenient tabs

  1. Assignments starting today and prior
  2. Upcoming Assignments
  3. Deadlines Due Today and Past Due
  4. Upcoming Deadlines

This tool opens automatically and is a great way to assign responsibilities to staff while limiting their ability to change or modify assignments. Staff are limited to marking their assignments as started and/or completed. For convenience, task notes and time entries (if the time billing module has been purchased) can be created from within the screen as well. Staff also have the capability to generate a printed report on the current view by clicking the button at the bottom right.

Due Date Monitoring Deadline Notification Screen.

Report Generator

The report and monitor screen shown below is the main reporting screen for our task tracker software. To save time, filtered reports can also be run directly from the due date management screen. The list on the left shows a variety of tasks and tax returns to choose from. Client tax returns and tasks falling due within specified criteria can be reported upon, or conveniently checked-off using the "Jump to Manage/Edit Deadlines" button at the bottom of the screen. Staff scheduling and deadline tracking have never been this easy!

Due Date Report Generator

Task Tracker Reports

Our tracking system lets you to select and report on items based on their workflow subtask or status level; for example, all electronically filed returns pending verification. Individual steps can be assigned to staff and along with budgeted hours. Steps include a start date, in-process date and due date. As mentioned above, if you purchase our calendar option, due date items assigned to staff will appear in the calendar task bar.

Please review the sample tax tracking report below that shows information for incomplete 1120-S returns for all partners. The project issue and task tracker system includes a comprehensive report generator that allows users with appropriate permission levels to print reports for the primary partner and assigned staff including criteria options such as not-complete, due this month, client data not received.

The second report illustrates how our workflow module allows you to track detail sub-tasks and assign different staff to separate work assignments within the main task. A routing sheet can also be printed to accompany the tax files through the office.

In addition, you can print staff scheduling reports based on the date tasks should be started in addition to conventional due date reporting options. To save time, tax and task activities can be rolled over from one year to the next for all active clients. For more information about tax tracking and task management, review the due date monitoring and task management screens or take the tour to find out how ImagineTime can help your firm manage important deadlines.

Recently, we added the ability to track time for each task management activity within our time and billing software data entry screens. The result has been great reports that compare budget to actual hours! Time spent on specific returns and tasks can be also entered directly from the staff calendar by double clicking an appointment, or by selecting a tax return or task in the task bar and clicking on the clock.

Due Date Monitoring Reports for Accountants and CPAs.

Calendar Scheduling Option

The ImagineTime calendar allows staff to track their daily schedule and view work assignments providing an alternative method for updating firm tasks.. It also includes the ability the synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. Staff can view both personal and firm tasks from within the calendar tool, make task notes, time entries and update completion dates as shown in the following illustration.

Due Date Monitoring Calendar for Accountants and CPAs.

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