Manage annual deadlines, monthly payroll, one-time events, and more.

ImagineTime lets you easily keep track of project statuses, so your firm can meet deadlines without any last-minute rush. Our deadline management software records each project’s due date; each project’s current status; whether or not the client’s information has been received; and any additional notes about how the finished product should be delivered. 

Client Notes & History 

ImagineTime allows you to add client notes to each tax return or activity, so you can view a complete history of client interaction. When you can see what services the client has purchased, how frequently your client contacts the company, his or her payment history, and other details, you will be better positioned to meet his or her needs, or sell certain services. The client note feature:

  • Immediately notifies staff members when they have a new message
  • Can display reminder messages on, or before, a certain deadline
  • Allows you to print reports for certain time periods, staff members, or note types
  • Copy other staff members to notes
  • Attach documents to notes

Basic Task Tracking & Detail Tracking

We offer two detail tracking options. The basic task tracker records when client information was received, the task’s inception, and the task’s completion. This simplified due date monitoring software is usually enough to suit the needs of small, local firms. 

The detail tracker allows you to assign smaller-subtasks within each main task. Like main tasks, each sub-task can be assigned a start date, in-process date, completion date, and time budget. Sub-tasks can be characterized as hierarchical (when one step must be completed prior to the next) or independent (when workflow can be concurrent). You can assign different subtasks to different staff members, so that everyone is working together on the same project.

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