Credit Card processing, electronic billing & paperless invoicing

ImagineTime helps you maximize collections and increase revenue with our credit card processing module. Collecting your hard earned fees when the services are rendered lets you focus on billable time and reward performance on a timely basis. A recent MAP (Management of an Accounting Practice) survey by the Texas CPA Society indicates that the average collection period for receivables is in the the 40 day+ range. The survey also shows many smaller firms practice grossly inefficient billing practices, including:

ImagineTime Credit Card Processing for Accountants and CPAs
  • Billing at the end of tax season
  • Failing to progress bill large engagements
  • Failing to accept credit cards from clients

ImagineTime can assist in these areas by allowing your firm to process all major credit cards from within the payment processing screen. In addition, you can process an ACH electronic check. This effectively eliminates the "check is in the mail" excuse, since you will have the ability to direct debit client bank accounts.

Another powerful feature is the ability to email invoices with a "click here to pay online" feature.

This reduces the time for payment by letting the client pay immediately. You will receive a payment notification by email and also have the ability to download the customer initiated payments directly to ImagineTime, which eliminates any duplicate entry.

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Contact OmniFund/GoToBilling email or at (800) 305-1534 opt 2.

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Press Release

ImagineTime Announces the Addition of Electronic Billing and Paperless Invoicing to its Time & Billing Software

Strategic alliances Payment Alliance International and GoToBilling, Inc. bring efficiencies to clients

(Charlotte, NC) ImagineTime Time and Billing Software is proud to announce the addition of electronic billing and paperless billing to its suite of products. Through strategic alliances with Payment Alliance®, and GoToBilling, Inc., ImagineTime users can now, inside their Time and Billing software, process all payments including credit card and ACH payments from clients."We are very proud of this integration and the efficiencies it brings to our clients,” said Fred Lindsley, President of ImagineTime.

Key features and benefits include:
  • Schedule recurring payments automatically.
  • Process payments by email – clients respond through a “Pay Now” button in the email signature.
  • The ImagineTime payment screen now processes online credit card payments including printed receipts.
  • A convenient web interface assists with account management and the download of daily transactions.

The paperless invoice function allows ImagineTime users to send invoices directly to clients via email, which saves time, mailing costs and improves cash flow within the practice. With these new features, clients can pay the invoice directly from the email they receive instead of mailing a check. Steve Roderick, President of GoToBilling, Inc asserts, “This is a much more efficient and environmentally friendly method of processing invoices and remitting payment for both the practice and the client.”

ImagineTime and its partners have teamed up to bring payment processing to Time and Billing users at rates far more competitive than can be found on an individual basis. “By putting all of the users into a single buying group, backed by the processing strength of Wells Fargo®, we can offer processing rates that are exceptional and reserved for large national chains,” said Allen Kopelman of ComData.

The standard monthly fee of $39.94 per month can be reduced to $29.95 per month by eliminating the ACH option. All major credit cards are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. In addition, all transactions are funded directly to your bank account within 24-48 hours.

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Credit Cards - $5 + Interchange + 30 Basis Points + $ 0.20 Per
ACH - $10 month + $ 0.50 per ACH
Gateway Fee - Monthly - $29.00
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