Eliminate the “my check is in the mail” excuse with ImagineTime!

ImagineTime’s credit card processing, electronic billing, and paperless invoicing features make it easy for your clients to pay their bills on time. Our credit card processing software allows you to:

  • Process all major credit cards and ACH electronic checks
  • Schedule automatic, recurring payments 
  • Directly debit client bank accounts
  • Receive an email notification when the customer has submitted their payment
  • Download customer payment information directly to ImagineTime

How Credit Card Processing Helps Your Firm

Delayed payments can be extremely damaging to small firms. And according to the Texas CPA Society, it takes the average CPA an average of 40 days to receive payment–which means a lot of accounting firms are suffering needlessly. Our credit card processing software makes it easy to receive your hard-earned fees as quickly as possible.

To learn more about our credit card processing software, click here to download our brochure.

If you are a current ImagineTime customer and have questions about payment processing, contact our support desk here.