Sell smarter with our real-time client & contact activity monitoring. 

ImagineTime’s Contact Management software keeps a real-time record of all current and prospective clients, so you can examine what they need and sell smarter. All client activity is monitored, so you know what your staff and clients have discussed, what they need, and how best to serve them. 

ImagineTime allows you to:

  • Record primary contact information
  • Manage/Edit Deadlines with the calendar module 
  • Sync with Microsoft Outlook
  • Send comprehensive reports

Internal Messaging & Notifications

No more pink slips, sticky notes, or emails: ImagineTime allows you to directly message other staff members via our secure software. When a user receives a message, he or she will receive a “pop-up” desktop notification. Since desktop notifications can be distracting, users can select how often they would like the system to scan for new messages. Just as with traditional email, attachments can be added, and other staff members can be copied. 

Manage Current & Potential Clients

The Calendar allows you to easily keep track of both active and potential clients. Simply enter as many names as you’d like, along with phone and email information, and mark each entry as a “client” or “contact.” Contacts that become clients can be billed using our time and billing software.

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