Immediately view which client accounts yield the most profits. 

ImagineTime’s reporting and analytics software makes it easy to share key information with clients, so you can all stay on the same page. It also lets you know which clients are bringing in the most revenue, so you can allocate your firm’s time and resources accordingly. 

Stop slaving over spreadsheets.

A typical accounting or law firm might spend four or five hours making a single client report—so if you’ve got 20 clients, you’re easily losing thousands on unbillable overhead. ImagineTime automates the reporting process, so your staff can spend more time on the work that matters.

Show them the money

Nothing makes clients happier than a simple, easy-to-read chart that shows exactly where they stand. ImagineTime gathers client data into reports which clients can easily access via the Client Portal. Reports contain key information such as balances, realization adjustments, invoices, and collections. 

Beat the competition with ImagineTime.

When your clients can access their data in a simple, digestible format, they’ll be more likely to stick with you for the long haul. And when you can see which clients are bringing you the most profit, you know which clients should receive the majority of your time and energy. 

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