Make and send your own branded letters, labels, and more with ImagineTime. 

ImagineTime’s powerful Client Relationship Management module lets you manage all client communications with ease. Generate your own custom letters, labels, and envelopes; send email newsletters to clients; and market different services to different groups with filtered client lists. 

Custom Envelopes

You can use ImagineTime to create custom envelopes individually or in bulk, either with or without return addresses. To print an envelope, make sure you are using a printer with an appropriate “envelope” setting. To print an individual envelope, simply select the “Single Labels/#10 Envelopes” tab.

Custom Collection Letters

You can also use our software to create custom collection and engagement letters. To send letters to different targeted groups, you can use the Bookmarks feature to record contact information, and then sort by the listed criteria. Using this feature, you can easily send letters to those who have overdue balances, or other criteria. 

Custom Labels

Our custom label creator lets you package your tax returns and other materials quickly and easily. Create labels either in bulk, or one at a time, for various print sizes. 

To create a label with ImagineTime:

  1. Select the Print option at the top left
  2. On the left side of the screen, click “Filter List” to display clients that meet your desired criteria
    • To show all clients, leave the filter blank.
    • To further narrow your selection, click within the list.
  3. Click Preview, and Print.

Email Blasts

You can also use ImagineTime to send email newsletters, or “email blasts”, to select contacts. Emails are sent directly from ImagineTime, and do not require a third-party emailing service. Our optional calendar module enables you to send scheduled emails via Microsoft Outlook.

Each time an email is sent, a corresponding note will be automatically generated in the client/contact database, which can be viewed in the Contact Manager’s Note section.

Filtered lists

All custom letters, labels, envelopes, and emails can be filtered to target specific groups, such as clients that only use tax filing services, or clients with new accounts. To create custom filtered lists, go to Mailing List Setup. To add a client to the list, go to the Contact Manager and click on the More Contact Information tab.