Calendar and Scheduling!

ImagineTime comes equipped with optional contact management and calendar and scheduling software. Our contact management system monitors contact activity and creates a history of client and contact notes. You’ll be able to access staff calendars to match tasks with appropriate staffing, scheduling appointments with ease and the appropriate permissions. Appointments and tasks can also be synchronized to Microsoft Outlook®.

With ImagineTime, you’ll be able to view individual appointments and tasks for one (shown below) or all staff members. A horizontal scroll bar will appear when seven staff or more are being monitored at once.

The right-hand side of the grid shows a daily task list and a two month date selector with a variety of filtering options. Click on the print button across the top of the screen to select from our roster of comprehensive reports. The software scheduling event calendar tool that comes as part of this time and billing software lets you avoid duplicating work. No need to retype calendar meeting notes and start/end times on your time slips.

The popular 'all-staff' view shows the schedules for the entire staff for a particular day side-by-side. With appropriate permissions, the firm administrator can modify staff schedules and maintain appointment calendars. In addition, you can change views to reflect the schedule for one staff only. The calendar task manager implements both firms tasks and personal user tasks. Firm tasks consist of due date items for the firm such as tax returns or financial statement deadlines. You can also synchronize the calendar with MS Outlook, or exchange server.

Staff Scheduling Calendar for Accountants and CPAs

New Appointments

Enter a new appointment by clicking in the grid shown below in the area where you want the appointment to start. Just begin typing a description to open a new scheduled appointment. You can continue typing, or double-click to bring up the full appointment details window. You can also drag the appointment to expand the time, or (with appropriate permissions) drag the appointment from one staff to another, or from one day to another (if you are showing one staff person only in the weekly grid view). Private appointments display on the grid, but do not show the appointment details.

Customize Your Contact Management Software Settings:

You can customize your calendar settings by clicking on the Settings button at the top middle of the calendar grid. A tabbed screen will appear that lets you choose which setting to modify.

Task and Appointment Reports

The following example illustrates a sample report showing the tasks and appointments for one staff for the month of June. The reporting feature is accessed by clicking the "Print Tasks/Activities" button at the top of the calendar grid. Clicking on the print appointments button will print the appointment grid only for the currently selected week.

Task/Appointment List for Accountants and CPAs

Calendar, CRM Navigation

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