Manage one team member’s schedule, or everyone’s at once.

ImagineTime is equipped with optional contact management, calendar, and scheduling software that lets you easily manage appointments and tasks for everyone on your team.

Our system keeps a real-time history of all activity, including client and contact notes, so there’s no need to retype, record, or save anything. For even greater efficiency, you can even sync ImagineTime with Microsoft Outlook.

Practice Scheduling Made Easy

Our software scheduling calendar makes it easy to manage appointments for your accounting, CPA, or legal firm. View and access calendars for each individual staff member, or all staff members at once; monitor and record all meeting start/end times; and easily assign, modify, and move staff schedules. Features include:

  • Automatic activity monitoring
  • Automatic note/contact recording
  • Automatic syncing with Microsoft Outlook

How to Use the ImagineTime Event Calendar

Create a New Appointment

To create an appointment, look at the right-hand side of the grid. You will see both a daily task list and a two-month date selector. Enter a new appointment by clicking on the desired time and typing in a description.  

Managing Staff Schedules

To see every staff member’s schedule side-by-side, click “All Staff View.” You can expand a scheduled appointment by dragging it to the desired length. You can also move an appointment to another day by opening the weekly grid view for one staff member, and dragging it. To bring up the full appointment details window, double click on it.

*Note that you must have appropriate permissions to change or move an appointment. To customize your Calendar settings, click the “Settings” button at the top middle of the calendar grid. Contact our support if you need more help.

Accessing Activity Reports

To view the tasks and appointments for a certain week or month, click on the “Print Tasks/Activities” button at the top of the calendar grid, select your desired time period, and click “Print Appointments.”

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