Manage all invoicing and pre-billing tasks in one place. 

ImagineTime’s powerful billing software makes it easy to prepare, post, and print invoices quickly and efficiently. The multi-purpose, comprehensive billing dashboard can be accessed by multiple billing partners at the same time, ensuring you are invoicing accurately and making bill processing highly efficient.

Preparing Invoices

You can create your invoices in a variety of formats. Click here to view some of our available invoice samples. 

Emailing and Posting Invoices

Once you’ve created an invoice, you can preview and print it from the Billing Dashboard. After the bill has been previewed or printed, it will be posted automatically. You can then email it to various client lists using our email filtering system.

  • Post either a single invoice, or multiple at a time.
  • Post invoices as often as needed. No monthly batching required.
  • Posting invoices will update your Account Receivable, and remove time from Work in Progress.

Clients can pay their bills by either enrolling in auto-payments, or by clicking a link.

Value Billing

Value billing is a way to bill clients for the value you are providing, rather than the number of hours spent. Our time and billing software makes value billing simple. 

Pre-Billing Work in Progress Reports

Our comprehensive billing software also shows yet-unbilled time and expenses, as well as outstanding work in progress, in the pre-billing summary report. The WIP (Works in Progress) Allowance shows any progress bills that have been sent out against uncleared time.

Pre-Billing Detail Reports

Our comprehensive pre-billing detail report shows unbilled time in a variety of formats. Users can view billing history, year-to-date realization data, and total account balance information for each client. The report also shows any unbilled expenses, and a history of the work in progress, including billed slips and adjustments.