ImagineTime Invoice Samples!

Shown below are sample invoices that reflect the flexibility of invoice formats our time and billing software offers. Detail, Narrative (Simple Paragraph), Monthly Fixed Fee, Year End and Superbill Invoices are displayed below. Also included is a detail format that shows detail time slips.

The sample invoices illustrate the variety of invoicing formats including a flexible row format, which lets you describe the services in detail and show a dollar amount for the services rendered regardless of the amount of associated time. The amount shown for each row can be more or less than the time slips cleared for that row. In fact, you don't have to bill time at all!

Realization adjustments between the amount billed for the service and the recorded time slips are tracked in various performance reports by staff, client, and work code. You can also show a bulletted list of the services rendered with one overall total.

The first screen shot below shows an optional payment stub at the bottom of the invoice - a very popular feature with our customers. Credit Card payment stub is another option shown on the third example. Another useful feature is our mini-statement, which is shown on Monthly Fixed Fee Invoice and the Superbill Invoice. It depicts the balance forward and any payment or service charge activity since the last invoice. The Superbill with Narrative and Detail Elements is a year-end bill that includes narrative explanations for the preparation of financial statements and tax returns less amount already invoiced, as well as, displaying detail time slips for any additional services for which the client should be charged additional fees.

Comments can be included in the footer or body of the invoice. You can also include your firm logo!

Time and Billing Software - Year End Services Invoice
Time and Billing Software - Monthly Fixed Fee Invoice
Time and Billing Software - Detailed Detail Invoice
Time and Billing Software - Narrative Paragraph Invoice
Time and Billing Software - Superbill with Narrative and Detail Elements
Time and Billing Software - Time Slip Bill with Special Format

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