ImagineTime and GoToBilling Integration

Duration: 10:02 minutes

ImagineTime integration with GoToBilling credit card processing, electronic billing and paperless invoicing.

Key features and benefits include:
  • Schedule recurring payments automatically.
  • Process payments by email – clients respond through a “Pay Now” button in the email signature.
  • The ImagineTime payment screen now processes online credit card payments including printed receipts.
  • A convenient web interface assists with account management and the download of daily transactions.

The paperless invoice function allows ImagineTime users to send invoices directly to clients via email, which saves time, mailing costs and improves cash flow within the practice. With these new features, clients can pay the invoice directly from the email they receive instead of mailing a check. Steve Roderick, President of GoToBilling, Inc asserts, “This is a much more efficient and environmentally friendly method of processing invoices and remitting payment for both the practice and the client.”

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