General FAQs For ImagineTime

Backup Data

Q:How do I backup/copy my ImagineTime data?

A: ImagineTime has only one file that needs to be backed up: TBdata.mdb. The rest of the files are recreated when you install the program. The TBdata.mdb file can be backed up using your existing backup software, or it can be copied to a CD, USB drive, or other media by going to the Setup/Utilities tab and selecting the icon for General Utilities from the ribbon. Once on the General Utilities screen select the Backup Data File option.

You are responsible for making the backup copy - ImagineTime will not remind you. The location of the TBdata.mdb file is shown in the middle of the "About" screen next to the caption "Data Location". The "About" screen can be accessed by clicking on the Office Ball in the top left corner of the ImagineTime screen.

Bad Debts

Q:How do I write-off a bad debt?

A: Go to the Enter/Edit Payments screen and enter a payment for the bad debt amount as you normally would, except select Bad Debt as the payment type - see the help for this screen.

Client Balances

Q:The client balances for WIP or A/R don't seem correct - what should I do?

A: If the billing dashboard is open, close it before going to the Setup/Utilities tab and then select Update Client Balances from the ribbon and “Click Here to Update Client Balances”.


Q:How do I do a period close in ImagineTime?

A: The answer is you never do! Please see the help for Update Audit Snapshot.


Q:I go into the billing dashboard, but it doesn't seem to work. Some of the functions are missing.

A: Another staff person has started an invoice for the currently selected client. That staff’s ID should be displayed where the Bill Type usually is. You may take control of the client by changing the ID to your ID then clicking off the current row to save the change and then select the client again. Only do this if you are sure the other staff is not actively working with an invoice for the client.

Also, PLEASE NOTE: In the event that during a previous billing session a user was unable to exit the dashboard in the normal fashion (windows locks up, power surge, etc), it will become necessary for you to manually force a dashboard log out to restore use of all functions. You can do this by simply unchecking the staff’s billing session box at the bottom of the open dashboard screen. The caution message should be read and then click OK. For more help on this item, see the Billing Dashboard help.

Q:I am in the dashboard, I know I have entered time for a particular client, but I can't find them on the dashboard.

A: There is no Billing Partner/Manager assigned to that client on the Account Data tab of the Enter/Edit Clients screen. Assign the client to a partner in that screen.

Q:If I am logged in to the dashboard, can others generate bills as well? -or- I can't log in to the dashboard; it tells me someone else is already logged in?

A: In the multi-user version of ImagineTime, more than one user can be in a billing session. Only one staff member can work on an invoice for the same client at one time. (See I go into the billing dashboard, but it doesn't seem to work. Some of the functions are missing. Above)

Q:When I print bills, I am not getting the results that I expect.

A: Please Clear the Dashboard by clicking on the button at the top of the dashboard screen. This resets the dashboard and gives you a fresh start. Please note that any pending bills will be deleted when you perform this function.


Q:I posted my invoice and now I realize it is not correct. How can I correct the invoice?

A: Invoices can be deleted in ImagineTime and all timeslips associated with the invoice will go back into WIP. To delete an invoice go to the Edit and View Transaction Screen, select that client, click on the record selector for the row the invoice is on and then hit “Delete” on your keyboard. The invoice is now deleted and the timeslips have automatically rolled back into WIP. If a payment has already been applied to the invoice, you must un-post the payment first. (see Payment-Un-posting a payment)


Q:How do I print the manual?

A: From the main menu of ImagineTime, press the {F1} key on your keyboard. The help manual should open. Click to highlight the table of contents entry referred to as "ImagineTime Manual". Click on the "Print" button at the top of the screen. Select the option "Print the selected heading and all subtopics" to print the entire contents - over 400 pages.


Q:What do I do if I forget my password?

A: Someone with System Manager level rights must login and reset your password. Go to the Setup/Utilities Tab and select the Enter/Edit Staff icon, select the Search for Staff button on this screen and find your personal login, go to the Permissions and Options tab of this screen and enter a new password.


Q:How do I un-post and delete a payment?

A: Go to the Payment Posting Bad Debt Entry Screen, select the client, then using the record navigation bar scroll until you find the check you want to un-post, hit the “unpost” button. If you wish to delete the un-posted check, then click on the record selector and hit “Delete” on your keyboard.

Q:Can I enter a payment into the system, but not apply it to an invoice?

A: Whenever you enter a payment in the Payments Posting Screen of the ImagineTime system, it will save the payment and a message will alert you that "The payment is saved, do you want to auto-apply it to an invoice?" If you do not want to apply it to an invoice, you don't have to. The payment will show as a credit balance and you can allocate the payment to invoices at a later date. You can view and apply these hanging payments in the Apply Hanging Payments Import Online Payments icon from the Collections/Statements tab, or return to the payments screen, locate the client and using the navigation bar, scroll back through payments to locate the unapplied item. At that point, auto or manually apply the payment as you would in normal situations.


Q:I can't open ImagineTime. I get an unrecognized database error - what should I do?

A: Exit ImagineTime and have someone still in the program go to the Setup/Utilities tab, choose the General Utilities icon and from that screen select the tab for Repair Utilities. Run the Repair/Compact Database & Exit option.

If no one is in ImagineTime, from your desktop select the Start button. Select All Programs, ImagineTime, and run the Network Utilities option. This will ask you to browse to the location of the TBData.mdb file. Point the utility toward the directory that contains your data file and run it.

Q:The database is behaving erratically, some of my clients do not appear in the lookup lists.

A: You must repair and compact the database. Make sure all other users are out of ImagineTime and then go to the Setup/Utilities tab, choose the General Utilities icon and from that screen select the tab for Repair Utilities. Run the Repair/Compact Database & Exit option.


Q:The ImagineTime screen is too large or small, how can I adjust it.

A: ImagineTime requires a display resolution setting of 1024 X 768 or higher.

To adjust your display resolution, right-click on your Windows desktop and select Properties. Next, choose Settings. On the Settings tab, either increase or decrease the resolution by one level. Click OK and wait for the system to adjust your settings.

You should also check the "Advanced" tab to determine if you are using "Large Fonts". Large fonts can cause the screen to be too big. In that case, select "Normal fonts". Click OK and wait for the system to adjust your settings

Time Entry

Q:I am a billing clerk and I enter multiple time slips for different partners. Sometimes they are all for the same thing, like 1040 work, is there a way to expedite the process for similar time slips?

A: Yes, using the Repeat function at the top of the After the Fact time entry screen. You can click on the specific features you want to repeat such as rate, work code, date, or hours before entering the first time slip. These items will then repeat for each new time slip entry for each client, quite a time saver!

Q:Our firm is a small one where we would like all of the staff to enter their time and to be able to view some reports. We want to restrict their access to other sensitive areas of the system. Is there a way to do this?

A: Yes, ImagineTime allows you to set up passwords and access levels (staff, supervisor, system Manger) for every staff member and every menu option. You can review the Menu, Ribbon Passwords and Rights settings from the icon on the Setup/Utilities Tab.

The System Administrator has the ability to require a password for EVERY menu item. In addition, you can choose between read-only constraints versus a full rights option. The read only allows a user to look at the screen, but not make any edits. The full rights option allows a user full access to the screen or report. When entering staff members in the Enter/Edit staff screen, your firm controls which access levels are appropriate. YOU CONTROL the access rights for the entire ImagineTime program.


Q:How do I update my software to the newest version?

A: You must have a support agreement with ImagineTime to receive program updates. Call our sales department if you are interested in this feature - 1-877-520-1525. If you already have support, please review the instructions for upgrading ImagineTime.

Q:I upgraded my version and now the program is asking me to re-link to my data file, but I am not sure of my data file location. How do I find my data file?

A: If your data file is in a network or other non-default location, you must re-link to it. Do a search for the file name TBData.mdb.