Client/Contact Management

Manage Client/Contact Information:

ImagineTime comes equipped with Client/Contact Management module which allows maintenance of all client information, monitor client activity and create a history of client notes. With the optional Calendar Module, you can keep track of contacts or potential clients along with your active clients. The following screen shows the tabs which offer additional client informations, Manage/Edit Deadlines (requires the Finish-line Due Date module), Simple fixed fee (for use with the Time & Billing module), Microsoft Outlook sync settings (for the optional Calendar Module) and the Marketing Reports which is a powerful reporting feature. You can enter as many address and phone number as you like and flag the entry as a client or contact. Contacts that become clients can be billed using our Time & Billing Software.

Contact Manager for Accountants and CPAs

Monitor Client/Contact Activity:

Our Contact Manager lets you manage information on clients while the optional Calendar module enables you to manage contacts in the same database. The Client/Contact Manager screen allows easy access to a multitude of options using the tab menu. The image below shows ribbon menu on the Client/Contact Manager screen. Primary Contact Information is displayed in the above image. As the following images shows the contact manager offers easy access to optional features such as Deadlines and Outlook as well as simple fixed fee billing and marketing reports.

Contact Management Ribbon Menu

Create Historical Notes & Reminders:

Instead of accumulating pink message slips or using traditional email, you can directly message other staff using ImagineTime. Since ImagineTime runs on Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, Citrix, Remote Desktop Services and the cloud you can also message staff in remote locations. Users determine how often the system should scan for messages. When the phone slip message pops-up, the user can elect to read, cancel or defer viewing message to a later time.

Shown below is a screen shot that lists the messages for a particular staff person. The illustration shows who left the message, reminder dates, references to clients or contacts, the type of message and the message text. Attachments can be added to messages and messages can be copied to other staff members.

Staff Notes Display for Accountants and CPAs

Below is another graphic that shows the pop up prompt alerting the user that notes are pending. If the user has minimized the ImagineTime application, the application will pop up and alert the user about any pending messages.

Message Notification for Accountants and CPAs

Calendar, CRM Navigation

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