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Client Portal

ImagineShare - Sophisticated CPA Client Portal

Stop chasing your clients for forms, receipts, statements, and returns, and let ImagineTime do it for you. Our convenient, secure Client Portal will automatically send clients friendly nudge reminders for deadlines and due dates, so you can spend less time emailing and more time managing your firm.

The Client Portal uses 256-bit bank-level encryption to protect client information. Your clients can rest easy knowing their data is safe, and you can avoid the costs of a breach. Our Cloud-based system also saves and backs up all data, so it will always be accessible, even if your hardware is damaged.


Time Billing Tracker for CPAs

Spend less time filling out time slips, and more time growing your practice. Our easy-to-use time and billing software for CPAs lets you keep all your billing data in one place, reducing the risk of mistakes and saving you money. Our time entry software module lets staff members efficiently record time and expenses.

ImagineTime’s time billing software allows staff members to easily generate bills; edit or delete invoices; change billing options; and more. You can even create invoices using our invoice templates. It’s a fast, easy way to manage all your time & billing information in one safe, centralized location.


Due Date Management for CPAs

Our convenient due date tracking software can help you manage important client and firm deadlines, so that there’s never a last-minute rush, and your firm always knows where it stands. Choose between our simplified tracking option; or track smaller, detailed steps with our detail tracking option.

Our accountant due date management tracking system enables you to avoid late penalties; increase employee productivity; notify staff members when high-priority items are due; managing deadlines; and delegate efficiently. ImagineTime even lets you replicate and carry over information from client to client and year to year.

Morning work

Customer Relationship Management Software

ImagineTime’s Client Relationship Management software lets you efficiently manage all of your client communication in one place. Generate and print collection letters; create custom labels and envelopes; send email newsletters to clients; and send targeted email blasts to different client groups.

No more pink slips, sticky notes, or emailing–our convenient Contact Management module lets you document all client communications; monitor all client activities; and create a real-time history of all client data. Data is stored indefinitely, and can be accessed either months or years from now.

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Reporting & Analytics Software for Accountants

Make smart, data-driven decisions with ImagineTime’s efficient reporting and analytic software. Our firm profitability reports and employee performance reports let you compare tracked time versus invoiced time side-by-side, so you can see exactly what challenges and opportunities impact your firm.

Our automated client reports make it easy to share key account information with your clients, so that everyone can stay on the same page. You can also view which client accounts yield the most profits. Stop wasting time and resources assembling spreadsheets, and spend more time doing what matters.

Latest News

As reported in CPA Practice Advisor, ImagineTime “has acquired Mango Billing and has integrated it into its next-generation practice management solution for accounting firms”.

As reported on PYMNTS.COM, ImagineTime is being “modernized because accounting firms of today want [Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)], hosted solutions and a modern interface designed for the web in mind.”

Join Esther Shpitalnik this week as she chats with Carl Coe, CEO of ImagineTime. They discuss how he went from living out of his car his senior year of high school, to starting a side hustle in the tire business while working in software sales, and eventually landing as CEO of a software company.

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“What gets measured gets done.” Variations on this little management cliché have made the rounds for decades, and for good reason. Measuring the right data is key to making sound strategic decisions and running a more efficient, profitable company. ImagineTime discusses the Top 5 KPIs You Should Track Every Month.

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“The more efficiently a firm and its employees can work, the more profitable they will be. This is why having good systems and workflows in place is essential for success.” In this article, Carl Coe discusses The 6 Practice Management Workflows Every Accounting Firm Should Master.

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“Practice management software can be a valuable tool to guide your firm to profitability. If you choose the wrong solution, however, it can set your firm back in both time and money invested. The process of shopping for a new software suite can seem daunting to a small firm owner. But it doesn’t need to be that way if you know how to evaluate your options.”  Learn How To Evaluate Practice Management Software with Carl Coe.

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