Practice Management Solutions - Version 14.5003 Released!

ImagineTime Practice Management for Accountants and CPAs

August 2016 - ImagineTime, Inc. proudly announces the release of Version 14.5003 of our Practice Management Solutions.

ImagineTime version 14.5003 new features include:

  • Improved access to reports - a "Reports by Function" index has been added as the first item on the reports ribbon. The index classifies and provides easy access to all the relevant reports in the system by function, for example: client performance reports, time and expense reports, invoice and payment reports, etc.

  • A new gauge control has been added to the billing dashboard that shows a progress needle that measures the aging of unbilled work in progress and the percentage that has been progress billed.

  • A new gauge has been added in the Due Date system that shows the percentage of tasks and forms not complete and the percentage not complete and past due. These gauge is sensitive to the filters that you apply.

  • Numerous format improvements have been made to invoices including more uniform spacing on invoices that have multiple lengthy paragraphs.

  • Added the ability to associate calendar appointments with due date items...more than one appointment can be associated with one designated as the primary appointment. You can "jump" both ways - from the task to the appointment, or the appointment to the task.

  • A new calendar control has been added with improved graphics, drop and drag functionality, multiple themes and the ability to toggle daily, weekly, monthly and multi-staff views from the same control.

  • Added the ability to send email notifications to staff about upcoming tasks based on current filters in the notification screen.

  • Numerous client requests and fixes.

ImagineTime still offers the same great Time & Billing, Due Date Tracking, Contact Management, & Document Management functionality that our customers have come to depend on in their practice.


Congressional Bill HR3236 made changes to tax form filing dates and extension times. These new due dates will apply to returns for tax years beginning after December 31st, 2015: the 2017 filing year. Due to the changes, new forms with the revised due dates should be setup in ImagineTime. Do not edit the existing forms, as this will impact historical data that may be needed. For more information and examples, click here.

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