Calendar, Scheduling and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The ImagineTime client relationship manager is included in the time and billing and Finish-Line modules. It consists of several powerful tools to stay in touch with clients and contacts, which allow you to effectively promote your products and services:

  • NEW: Import E-Mails into client records which are viewable within ImagineTime!
  • Generates labels in bulk or one client at a time.
  • Generate labels to assist in packaging tax returns
  • Custom letters, engagement and collection letters
  • Print envelopes, with or without return address
  • Firm logos can be included
  • Email blaster (included with the calendar module)
  • Filtered lists of clients or contacts

The custom letters, labels and envelopes can be filtered for targeted groups, such as clients with balances over ninety days, or clients that use selected services. The filters are very robust and can be combined to target special groups of client or contacts. You can also generate letters to staff and vendors.

Calendar Scheduling and Contact Management module:

The optional contact management and scheduling module works in tandem with the customer relationship manager and allows you to directly manage contacts, schedule client appointments and manage staff calendars. An additional feature that comes with the calendar and contact manager is the email blaster utility. This utility lets you send email blasts directly from ImagineTime and does not require any third-party email utility. The emails can be filtered for targeted groups of users, such as customers that use selected products.

The screen shot below shows the ImagineTime calendar in multi-staff view, which is great for making sure your staff is being effectively utilized and has the capacity to scroll up to thirty columns.

Calendar Scheduling for Accountants and CPAs.

More about Client Relationship Management:

The following screen shot shows the selection screen used for sending out bulk letters, envelopes and mailing labels. Select the print option at the top left, choose your filter on the right side of the screen and click "Filter List" to show the clients that meet your criteria. Leave the list blank to show all clients, or click within the list to further narrow your search.

Customer Relationship Management Label printing for Accountants and CPAs

Collection Letter and More:

The collection letter shown below was generated in ImagineTime and output using Microsoft Word. The criteria used was clients with balances aged more than 90 days. The letter is based on a template created in Microsoft Word using ImagineTime bookmarks. Our bookmarks include client address with or without contact name, tax year end, engagement, balance due information, email, client start date and many more. With this utility you can communicate easily with targeted groups on demand and print the envelopes as well (HP compatible printer required). A sample Microsoft Word template is included to assist you in getting started.

Sample collection letter for Accountants and CPAs

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