ImagineTime Anywhere: Mobile TimeKeeping

The ImagineTime Anywhere mobile time tracking application allows anyone using ImagineTime time and billing software to record time and expenses as well as have access to client contact information while out of the office. Clients, staff, and billing rates are uploaded from ImagineTime to ImagineTime Anywhere.

Administrators can permit staff to view client information and easily make a telephone call by tapping the client's number on the screen or send an email by selecting the email address. You can record time slips for chargeable and non-chargeable time as well as record expenses. The time slips include client name, work code, staff rate and notes. Once the slips and expenses have been approved they can then be brought into the ImagineTime desktop application. The synchronization feature of our mobile time tracking feature allows you to view, edit, approve or skip the new time and expense information prior to sending the imported data to the permanent ImagineTime tables.

A new feature of our mobile timekeeping application comming soon in version 2.0 allows users to email time based detail and narrative invoices as well as progress bills directly from your mobile phone or tablet to the client in pdf format. Achieve incredible efficiencies by entering your time, expenses and invoicing at the time and location where the services is rendered.

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