Calendar and Staff Scheduling!

Today's busy professional needs a set of integrated staff scheduling and calendar scheduling tools. To meet this need, ImagineTime handles time slip entry, billing (slip and non-slip based), integrated staff calendars, contact management and due date monitoring. Our most recent version now lets you eliminate the pink message slip! The ImagineTime event scheduling tool now allows you to generate intra-office messages, either with phone slips or message reporting. This takes the pain out of tracking employee time and allows for more thorough inter- and intra-office communications.

Instead of accumulating pink message slips or using traditional email, you can now directly message other staff using ImagineTime. Since ImagineTime runs on Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, Citrix and the cloud. you can also message staff in remote locations.

User settings in the calendar and staff scheduling software let each user determine how often the system should scan their message file. For example, if the settings are set to check for messages every 60 seconds, the system will alert the user to any new phone slips messages every 60 seconds. When the phone slip messages pop up, the user can elect to read them, cancel them, or defer viewing the message to a later time.

Shown below is a screen shot that lists the messages for a particular staff person. The illustration shows who left the message, reminder dates, references to clients or contacts, the type of message and the message text. Attachments can be added to messages and messages can be copied to other staff members.

Staff Notes Display for Accountants and CPAs

Phone Slips Message Prompts

Below is another graphic that shows the pop up prompt alerting the user that notes are pending. If the user has minimized the ImagineTime application, the application will pop up and alert the user about any pending messages.

Message Notification for Accountants and CPAs

In the following screen shot, an individual staff calendar for "FOL" displays the popular all-staff view. The all-staff view shows the appointments for all staff on a particular day. Selecting the Multi-Staff View you toggle back to the traditional single staff view. System managers can prevent staff from marking tasks as complete by selecting a security option that only permits supervisors to mark a task as complete. Staff are also prevented from deleting firm tasks in this view. A convenient Record Time button lets staff create a time slip right from within the firm task window. The footer section of the window is used to update the status of a task as it moves toward completion.

Multi-Staff Calendar View for Accountants and CPAs

Calendar, CRM Navigation

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